We license, write and produce songs. We have a vast catalog of music to choose from including rock, pop, blues, country and more!  If you are an industry professional and would like to request a copy of a song for your recording project, click here to contact us. Please include the song title, artist’s name and your contact information in your request.

Synchronization Licensing

If you’re interested in obtaining a Synchronization License, Please submit a quote request form with the appropriate information. Licensing fees and rates will vary for each type of request. Please note that a license cannot be guaranteed in each case. A synchronization license (also called a “synch” license) is needed to synchronize music with a video image.

UROC Publishing licenses its musical compositions for use in:
  • Toys
  • New Media
  • New Recordings
  • Trailers/Promos
  • Internet
  • Live Performance
  • Corporate Events
  • Film
  • Commercials
  • TV
  • Video
  • Ringtones
  • Video Games
  • Consumer Products