From Barefoot to Stilettos

By September 12, 2013Press & Media
MVP3 - From Barefoot to Stilettos

Self Published book written by Marie Pizano called “From Barefoot to Stilettos…It’s NOT for Sissies”

Synopsis: Based on true events and the Memoir of Marie Pizano, the trails and tribulations of life. One woman’s Journey to find her “yes”. It is a story that reveals secrets of her past and the aftermath of a severe injury from a motorcycle accident that completely changed her whole life, to a journey of survival. From the South side streets of Chicago, growing up with a singlemother on food stamps, to becoming a trophy wife living in the southern bible belt. After Marriage, moving to Memphis, TN, mean girls, children to then a nasty public Divorce, she finds strength while having the courage to defeat all odds , not taking No, taking the high road with forgiveness, putting on her stilettos and following her dream and passion to build an entertainment powerhouse.

Produced by JND Films – Budget: 2.5 mil

Marie Pizano

About Marie Pizano

I am fortunate to have some wonderful role models from my background in Chicago, who continue to inspire me today. I come from a military family, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and belief in the ability of each individual to make a difference. In my work life, I entered the financial industry and had the good fortune to work for Dr. Richard Sandor, father of futures and founder of the Chicago Climate Exchange. Dr. Sandor describes me as a "woman with a purpose," and continues to support me with MVP3 Entertainment Group. "Marie Pizano has done an excellent job in creating a company that aroused the interest in our community. She has helped the city start an opportunity to become a center for movie & tv production. Marie has also established a business model based on a strong either and professional operations. She has a wide range of support, from those that see her as a viable investment and important to the community. Marie has a strong character and one that would flourish at any opportunity or challenge that she is presented with. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone interested in her work." - Pat Halloran

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