Collaboration helps Marie Pizano Reach her many Goals

By September 23, 2013News & Articles
MVP3 Media - Collobaration helps Marie Pizano reach her Goals

Pizano, a native of Chicago, moved to the Bluff City in 1999 and soon became active in the community by volunteering and serving on many boards for charitable organizations that help women and children. She was instrumental in the 2005 creation of ‘Rock for Hope,’ a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. That event led to her meeting and becoming the manager of a country rock band from Nashville. After managing other artists, she moved into film, becoming an executive producer of an award winning documentary, ‘Momo: The Sam Giancana Story,’ which culminated in the creation of MVP3, the umbrella firm for her film, music publishing and talent management companies… Continue Reading >>

Marie Pizano

About Marie Pizano

I am fortunate to have some wonderful role models from my background in Chicago, who continue to inspire me today. I come from a military family, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and belief in the ability of each individual to make a difference. In my work life, I entered the financial industry and had the good fortune to work for Dr. Richard Sandor, father of futures and founder of the Chicago Climate Exchange. Dr. Sandor describes me as a "woman with a purpose," and continues to support me with MVP3 Entertainment Group. "Marie Pizano has done an excellent job in creating a company that aroused the interest in our community. She has helped the city start an opportunity to become a center for movie & tv production. Marie has also established a business model based on a strong either and professional operations. She has a wide range of support, from those that see her as a viable investment and important to the community. Marie has a strong character and one that would flourish at any opportunity or challenge that she is presented with. I would highly recommend Marie to anyone interested in her work." - Pat Halloran

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