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MVP3 Media - Collobaration helps Marie Pizano reach her Goals

Collaboration helps Marie Pizano Reach her many Goals

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Pizano, a native of Chicago, moved to the Bluff City in 1999 and soon became active in the community by volunteering and serving on many boards for charitable organizations that help women and children. She was instrumental in the 2005 creation of ‘Rock for Hope,’ a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. That event led to her meeting and becoming the manager of a country rock band from Nashville. After managing other artists, she moved into film, becoming an executive producer of an award winning documentary, ‘Momo: The Sam Giancana Story,’ which culminated in the creation of MVP3, the umbrella firm for her film, music publishing and talent management companies… Continue Reading >>

MVP3 Media - Memphis Entrepeneur

Marie Pizano: A Memphis Entertainment Entrepreneur

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The film industry is growing in Memphis, and with it, all the other venues that make films possible, such as production companies, management companies and music companies, to name a few. And, what better way to bring all these together than to operate an entertainment group that handles each component. That is what Maire Pizano, CEO and founder of MVP3 Entertainment Group is doing here in Memphis. Marie agreed to do this interview in the “Examiner” to talk about her company and her future plans… Continue Reading >>


MVP3 Media - Bridge between Nashville and Memphis

Building an Entertainment Bridge between Memphis and Nashville

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Added success and strength comes from joining two powerful forces together, and that is what Marie Pizano and her entertainment group, MVP3 are doing. They are building a bridge between the two sister cities of Memphis and Nashville, Tenn. This bridge is not constructed of conventional materials, but rather, is made from organization and cooperation. Marie and her partners are taking the entertainment autonomy of both cities, combining their resources, and forging new territories in this area of Tennessee and the south… Continue Reading >>