Let MVP3 produce your company commercial or bring the party to your next event! We work with talented, creative and professional film directors, producers and talent to help you create a high quality production. We offer a variety of film production services to match your budget and needs for your company /product. We can help you plan your next event! We have a very talented and creative event planning staff to help you create your next company party. We bring the talent to you! Our musicians that we manage perform originals and numerous covers to entertain all night long! Our CEO/Founder, Marie Pizano is available for speaking engagements, consulting and producing your company’s commercial or film production. For more information regarding our services, please contact admin@MVP3media.com

Why Did you start the MVP3 Entertainment Group?

I started MVP3 Group to accomplish three things: to pursue my dream of becoming a leader in the entertainment industry; to create a model that provides value and reshapes the way companies within the industry work together; and as a platform from which to provide value to the community and to those in need. I see a unique opportunity in Memphis to establish a center for production in the entertainment arts, and to play a role in guiding the future of the industry. Our focus is to create a center for innovative projects and growth, as well as being a contributor to existing projects. Its really not reinventing the wheel, its just making it bigger.

Are you currently signing any local talent from the Memphis area?

We have been working with some talented individuals from the Memphis area. Mack Rodd is inspiring both as an individual and an artist. You can view his music video for the single “Ike and Tina” here. In addition, we have been fortunate to work with other well established artists and promising newcomers from across Tennessee and beyond such as the Mulch Brothers from Nashville and Billy Falcon who opened for Bon Jovi here last summer. His new CD “When” has been endorsed by Jon Bon Jovi on his Facebook page. Both of these artists have a song they wrote in the movie “Country Strong” starring Tim McGraw and Gwenyth Paltrow. We also represent actors such as Steven Moreti and more. We are pleased to work with a range of highly talented actors, writers, and performers who reflect the diverse strategy of MVP3.

What are your plans for the Memphis market in the future as the MVP3 Entertainment Group grows?

We have some very exciting plans for the Memphis market which include collaboration with community and government organizations, development of production resources, representation of talent, film screenings, and events. Also, I am involved with such efforts as the International Film Festival held here annually, and I’m always looking for ways to direct our contacts and resources towards ways to support the growth of these events, and the excitement that surrounds them. Last year, I asked my friend, film director Jeff Celentano, actor Tom Berenger (The Big Chill, Platoon), and Latin International sensation Jaime Camil to participate in the fest to bring these exciting and talented individuals and to show the level of talent which we can reach to bring to Memphis to enhance these types of events. I have also brought in the film called, The Movement, narrated by Robert Redford to the fest.

Do you have a target audience or is the MVP3 Entertainment Group organized so everyone is reached?

By design, MVP3 seeks to reach multiple audiences through multiple venues and with multiple technologies. We have projects in film, television, and music underway with a focus on everything from sports to reality television. Also, we are working with new, highly segmented distribution venues to provide targeted content such as content for women.

Can we expect to see any MVP3 projects in the Memphis market soon?

With our projects about to reach not only local and national but global, we are just at the point of becoming more visible in the Memphis and Tennessee markets along the Delta, and also including Memphis artists in events that are being produced elsewhere. One of our projects in the Memphis market was the film screening of “Momo: The Same Giancana Story” at the Malco Paradiso Theater on Tuesday, January 10, 2013. This was a by-invitation-only event that included business, civic, and industry leaders. We had the opportunity to update them on the activities of MVP3 and provide an event that engages them and provides face time for local leaders with film directors and other MVP3 contacts who will be here for the event.

Can you tell us a little about the MOMO documentary? What went into the making of the documentary?

I am an Executive Producer of the documentary which was produced by Nicholas Celozzi. The film shares information about Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana, whose relationship with leaders and celebrities has led to speculation and controversy to this day. The daughters of Sam Giancana participated in the making of this film. The documentary challenges our understanding of the history of this period and produces a broad range of emotions among the audience. See more information at www.samgiancanafamily.com.

Does the MVP3 Entertainment Group have any other upcoming projects scheduled for the near future?

We started our Radio show in collaboration with a satellite and global minded radio network on the BOCI platform. Our show is called the “MVP3 Radio Show” and you may tune in ever Friday from 1-3 CST on Blogtalk Radio. For more information, you can also visit www.MVP3group.com. We also started the MVP3 TV show: The Making of an Empire, so you may see what does on behind the scenes and how we are building this entertainment powerhouse ‘brick-by-brick’. We have partnered with other film companies to co-product feature films and television shows. You will see us producing events and a few film festivals including Sundance. Stay tuned for our Bluesical, Kidd Diamond & the Devil. We have a lot of exciting projects coming ahead so stay tuned and visit MVP3media.com for updates!